Media Buying

We choose the best media for you to buy the same for maximum utilization of your marketing budget. We do not recommend FB ads all the time as all agencies do. We will also look at up to media buying options like Influencer Marketing, Google Ads, Solo Ads, Popular Media Kits, etc. a. Optimization- We will make sure that every month we optimize your campaigns to reduce cost & increase conversion rates.
b. Photo/Video Asset Creation- We do have a team for 'asset creation' to shoot our clients' ad creatives.

Quiz / Calculator Funnel

Nowadays, forward-thinking business owners are leveraging brand-oriented quizzes to acquire more qualified leads (at an even lower cost) than ever before.

What better way to introduce new, prospective customers to your brand than a fun, educational quiz that’s not only engaging but informative as well?

ONE PROBLEM - quizzes aren’t for everyone.

There are a number of key elements you must have (proper business structure, budget, offer, etc.) in order for a quiz to be truly worth it for you.

Click here to download detailed case study.

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Lead Generation / Squeeze Pages

We are experts in creating irresistible lead magnets & build your email list with relevant & serious buyers. Besides, we do provide a service called 'Appointment Setting'. In this particular service, we only charge our clients when a threshold of x calls are booked. We do not charge anything more than $X per call event (not even marketing budget like ad-spend). The only spend they do is paying us. This service is not for everyone. We shortlist according to our appointment setting service policy. Click here to calculate cost per call event according to your industry.

Sales Page / Funnel

We have edited, tweaked, crafted & criticized at least 1000 sales pages. We are a team of experts who know the in and outs of creating a high converting landing page (all depends on the product offering)

Followup Funnels

We use different tactics to follow up with the user base or email list. We help our clients organize virtual events, high engaging email sequences, Social Media campaigns, etc. We provide photography/videography services to fulfil the same.

Augmented Reality

Level up your marketing game with AR filters on Instagram. Our team is going to find the filter idea for you that people will love to use (not just for branding sake). It is goingto be a digital brand activation. Read more about our AR services here

01 / DFY Campaign Designing & Execution
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