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How did we take cost per lead from 211 INR to 13 INR in 45 days, without any changes in the landing

This case study is related to our past project with one of our clients in fitness niche. As we are transparent in nature, we wanted to disclose that, this client was Mr. India in the year 2014, where we used that “USP” in our campaigns to bring in the results. This particular campaign was for one of his fitness workshops for aspiring personal trainers, which used to happen in his fitness center in Ernakulam, Kerala.

One of his managers contacted us with the problem of not getting into break even and all the budget were burning out. They had a freelancer who ran ads for them where he used to bring one lead for around 211 INR. When we looked into his ad and landing page, we noted down few things to be changes (which we will discuss later in this case study). When we put all our effort into turning our strategy into a reality and after 45 days of implementation, we were able to bring down the CPL (Cost per lead) and take maximum advantage of the marketing budget.

What was our PLAN OF ACTION?

1. We focused on highly-targeted audience Previously, the client was focusing on the audience where every other competitor was focusing. We picked one sector of the audience and has done layering. Like this:

We only focused on the red part. These people were matching all the attributes; thus, our bidding cost came down.

2. Only targeted mobile users We only placed our ads in mobile phones and not desktop users. This helped us weed out some people. No specific reason to it, but it helped us reduce the cost. This was one of the strategies that worked for our past client, so we just implemented it here also. Thankfully, it worked.

3. Changed the ad copy

We started with a question to invoke curiosity. That curiosity led an increase in CTR rate.


These three simple strategies decreased the cost per lead and now they are taking maximum advantage of their marketing budget. If you are facing similar issue or has a feeling of facing the same in future, contact us at +91 8921766758

PS: A small change in your marketing can bring huge results!

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