• Asif Naseer

From 0 to ₹170,000 for an online event

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

This event was all about a niche section in the medical field. In short, it was a 3 day medical conference for anthroposophic medicine enthusiasts. We helped them generate a revenue of 1.70L in 30 days. We gave everyone a freedom of pay whatever you want. Fortunately, on an average each participant paid around ₹6,538.

Why did they pay ₹6,538 for a pay-whatever-you-want scheme?

Because, it's a niche. The more you go broad, the less you will get paid. We at CBMS Media, always recommend and consult our clients to go niche and ace in one interest group, instead of being jack-of-all trades.

Event Execution:

How did we tap into that kind of crowd?

Our client already had a crowd that is interested in the same. They built that audience over time. We used that as a leverage to pull in crowd to this. Having followers doesn't fill the gap to fill the event. We need to have proper strategies to bring them here.

We brought the factor of curiosity in our promotional posters, which led to more paid sign ups. We used the method of HOOK-STORY-OFFER here to get more sign ups.

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