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Increase your webinar show-up rate with this simple hack... [Casestudy]

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Today we figured out a way to INCREASE live webinar show-up rates!

READ THIS (It can be used for anything related to follow-up funnels, not only for webinar sequence)

Recently I have started working with one of the life coaches and he runs ads daily and he gets leads on a regular basis for his Wednesday and Sunday recurring webinar.

He was referred to me in order to solve one of his problems, which is, LOW SHOW-UP RATE.

When our team looked into it... and figured out that, almost every mail is going into the promotions tab.

We tried:

  1. Changing the subject line of every email.

  2. Changing the email domain.

  3. and, even we changed the auto-responder software!

Nothing worked until we did this:

  1. We made it mandatory to check the mail on the thank you page. Please refer to the image below

  2. We changed the entire copy and made all emails clean and fresh (removed unnecessary design elements, logo). Yes, it matters.

  3. We sent 3 value emails and 1 invite reminder email. I mean that's the ratio 3:1. Value emails had a different email domain and invite emails had a different email domain.

Because, when value emails mess up (like spam complaints), the invite emails won't be affected. Smart eh? 😂

4) Once people goto their email and checks for that particular email and opens it, the ESP (email service provider like AoL or Gmail) thinks it is a legitimate and important email domain. Once its done, now all the emails land on the audience's primary inbox.

5) Once deliverability is up, now it's time to engage them with our copy. We wrote kickass email copies and switched on the campaign.

What happened next? His show-up rates jumped from 20% to 35%....!

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