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What is a quiz funnel? (Examples Included)

Businesses before Industrial Revolution (also called as “MONOPOLY” Era) were less saturated or the dominant ones control the saturation. At that time, consumers have no choice other than purchasing the same (because there are no options).

Now, it’s not the same case. We evolved from product-centric marketing to customer-centric marketing. Consumers only care about them and they choose what they like.

But STILL, there are few businesses that still run product-centric marketing and wonder why people don’t buy them. Answer: SWITCH Quiz funnel is one of the methods to achieve the same.

You can blend your creativity into any manner (examples incoming>>>). The only principle that we should follow is: “The intended result generated by your quiz funnel should feed their curiosity”


Nowadays, forward-thinking business owners are leveraging brand-oriented quizzes to acquire more qualified leads (at an even lower cost) than ever before. What better way to introduce new, prospective customers to your brand than a fun, educational quiz that’s not only engaging but informative as well? ONE PROBLEM - quizzes aren’t for everyone. There are a number of key elements you must have (proper business structure, budget, offer, etc.) in order for a quiz to be truly worth it for you.


1. Maruthi Suzuki's Calculate Kiya Kya campaign

Maruthi Suzuki’s popular quiz funnel which tells you to choose the right fuel. Most of the Indian car buyers are only concerned about the mileage part in order to save money in maintaining their car. Maruthi has used TV ad placements to advertise their quiz funnel & generate leads in a creative manner.

This is the process after clicking ‘calculate’:

There are four phases: Your Location, Running Costs, Financing & then Result you’re looking for

As you can see on the result page, they are displaying the car series & CTA is to book a call with a Maruthi sales executive.

Link to access this funnel: click here

2. Thinx's Know Your Flow campaign

Thinx is an e-commerce brand focusing on women sanitation. They came to a conclusion that women are having different kinds of period flow. They wanted to help their customers in a customized way in relation with their period flow. You can find the same below:

These are few snapshots inside the funnel:

They have used maximum creativity. When you click on ‘next question’ without selecting one option, you get this:

Before they generate the results, their pre-loader page looks like this:

Link to access quiz: click here

Note: The more creative you are, they more your quiz attendees enjoy & engage. More engagement = Increase in Loyalty Points

3. Patient Pop Leaders in Practice Growth campaign

Patient Pop is a marketing software for medical practices. When someone tries to leave their website, they show this pop-up:

Yes, you can compare your medical practice with your competitors. Real time results instantly.

Their quiz funnel is integrated with Google Maps. You can choose your medical practice address from the same field, like this:

Yes, they will collect your personal info:

Then, after that you get a fully personalized competitor analysis report which looks like this:

On the result page, you can see the score, score feedback, competitor list & CTA to Request a consultation. This is how you should make your customers book call with you I mean, before getting into a call with you, they will have inclined pain factor, which will increase conversion rates from result page to booking a call with you.

Link to access this quiz funnel: click here


As we said earlier, this method is not for everyone.

[Conclusion] What are we gaining through quiz funnels?

1. Higher Conversion Rates (Website Visits to Leads)

2. User/Community Engagement

3. Personalized way of approaching customers

4. The more creative you are, the more you can convert.

and more…

If you’d like to know whether quiz funnels are for you, click here :)

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