What is a Design Sprint?

A Design Sprint is a 4-day highly focused and intensive process to design new products, improve existing ones, or solve critical business challenges faster.

It helps to reach clearly defined goals and deliverables quickly without months of discussions and work.


It helps us decide if a product, process, service, or feature is worth building or not.


Few companies that perform 'design sprint' on a periodical basis

Why should we perform sprint?

Most of the businesses out there take months of testing the concept and then launching it to acquire proper data about the market.


 When you perform a design sprint for your concept (it can be your new business idea, implementing a new feature to the existing or anything that worth solving), you get real data from the real users and you get the clarity on what to do next, in few weeks (not months) 

Moreover, this is the cheapest process of validating and save a ton of money!


When should you even consider performing sprint?

How does it look like, while working with us?


What Next?

Now you have the user tested high fidelity prototype. HFP looks like a real product, but it's not. Once you get that, now it's time to take a decision to convert the same to a real minimum viable working product. Click here to see one of our high fidelity prototype.

Congratulations! You have tested the product without even launching...!

If your goal from this sprint was to validate your business idea you had, you could probably use this sprint report to pitch in investors. 

Deliverables from CBMS Media


All our solutions reflect on our core values. When we decided to adopt 'design sprint' process as one of the methodologies to serve our clients with utmost clarity on our core values. Check out our core values!

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